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The Disruption Of Television

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chromecast-at-lastIt’s time for a revolution in the living room. And Google’s Chromecast is the device that’s going to do it.

The innovatory new streaming stick is going to change your TV viewing habits forever.

No longer do you have to be subjected to the homogenised, over-priced, mass-market drivel that TV broadcasters think you should watch. Instead, you will now be able to choose your own content: what you want – when you want.

With the release of the Chromecast in the UK (19 March 2014), this means that it’s finally time to ditch the dish and cut the cable…

New Album: St Vincent

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New Album: St Vincent

Here’s a sneak preview of St Vincent’s superb new album. A leading contender for album of the year…

Disruptive Innovation

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The processes and incentives that companies use to keep focused on their main customers work so well that they blind those companies to important new technologies in emerging markets.

Clayton Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation explained – in under two minutes:

Skyfall: BSkyB Share Price Plunges

Category : News · (1) Comment · by 11 November 2013

sharesBSkyB’s shares took a heavy hit today after the news of BT’s successful bid for the exclusive right to screen live Champions League and Europa League football in a three-year deal (350 fixtures in total), starting from 2015.

Sky’s share price dropped over 10% in one day, wiping around £1.5 billion from its stock market value. According to Reuters, this leaves the company suddenly looking vulnerable in a market that it helped to build (and monopolise).

But the warning signs were there to see last year when BT won the rights to show 38 live Premier League matches a season, leading some to suggest that Sky massively underestimated the significant threat of its main competitor.

Prml Scrm Run The Voodoo Down

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prmlscrrm2013 is turning out to be a very good year for new album releases.

What better way to spend a hot summer day than racing down the highway with the sunroof wide open, blasting out the latest album by Primal Scream?

Describing the tracks “River of Pain” and “Hit Void” as “post-Bitches Brew jazz-fusion dubscapes”, The Independent’s Andy Gill is of the view that it’s a much-welcomed return to form: an eclectic mix of experimental post-modern rock fused with free jazz and their trademark Screamadelica poppiness. There’s even a cacophonous string section in “River of Pain”.

It’s the best thing Prml Scrm have done since Xtrmntr…